Our Services


Currently we will be running small group shuttles "4 - 8 People until we bring on our Schitty Bus.

What to do and expect

We keep it simple, our shuttle will meet you at the float trip "Take Out" where we will load your boat and gear up on our trailer. We will Shuttle you to the "Put In" you booked and help you unload. We will tell you what to expect on your float, ie... obstacles from previous high water or any changes in the river. Once on the water you will simply float back to your own vehicle so you don't have to back back by any scheduled time.  

Black Out Dates

We do obviously have our own boats and paddleboards that we rent, we also host several themed float trips through the summer. During these dates we will black out our private shuttles so we can run our own boats. We will have alternative shuttle information for your if you are planning a float on one of our black out dates, just feel free to contact us and we will help you. 

Shuttles and Drop Off's

James River - Tomahawk - Y-Bridge 7ml $45.00


One of our favorite sections of the James River to float. During peak season the river is still peaceful and there is tons of gravel bars to stop at. BOOK NOW

James River - Shelvin Rock - Hootentown 6.8ml $35.00


During peak season this a more lively float. If you are into socializing and enjoying a little more of a party scene without being to crazy, this section is amazing. BOOK NOW