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 The Missouri River is without a doubt, one of our favorite rivers to paddle. Rich in history and full of amazing people and historic towns. Every Year several people make the trek up to Three Forks Montana to start the epic 2341 mile journey to the confluence of the Mississippi River. Some continue on to the Gulf of Mexico.  There is one man, with the help of many others that has set out to provide anyone and everyone with a comprehensive website about everything Missouri River. Norman Miller is a well known "River Angel" that if you don't already know him when you start your decent, you will by the end of your Journey. He has spent hundreds, if not thousands of hours on providing as much information about paddling from the source of the Missouri River to the Confluence. 

We, as paddlers want to help spread his information to others so they know what they are to expect and keep them safe. 


Norman Miller

Photos, Info and More....

Photos, Info and More....


 Norm Miller: Livingston, Montana. Started canoeing at an early age where he grew up in Northern Michigan. Miller has been interested in history and paddling for decades and he cobines his interest by paddling historic routes.  In 1998 he retraced the 1789 route of Explorer Alexander MacKenzie through Canada and in 2004 paddled the route of Lewis & Clark from St. Louis to the Pacific Ocean. It was this journey that inspired him to form the Missouri River Paddlers group which now has over 2600 members worldwide 

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Photos, Info and More....

Photos, Info and More....

Photos, Info and More....


Norm has spend hundreds of hours and continues to compile information, from history to present day on everything Missouri River.

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