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Who are we


Owning Show Me SUP, for now, two seasons we have finally caved into the many phone calls and messages asking if we rented canoes. As a small business, we wanted to go ahead and give it a try. Now, we were not going to purchase a fleet of old boring Red and Green canoes. Though nice, pretty and new are good things there is no stories. They are new notebooks waiting to be written with numerous stories of fun, flipping, and exciting river adventures. We wanted to provide out customers with goofy fun memories and give them a unique paddling experience.

Traveling to many outfitters and campgrounds on our weekend adventures we noticed all these dented, banged up canoes sitting in “Graveyards” at these locations. As an avid paddler, seeing these canoes in these piles made me feel like they were the old dogs that were tossed because they could not play or have fun anymore. We decided to ask the outfitters if they would want to sell them so we can breathe new life back into them. Starting with Hufstedlers Canoe Rental on the 11 Point river, Mike and Wendy Jones pulled out a Beautiful Osagian canoe. At first, I was expecting a mangled mess of a boat but when I saw it I was floored at the minimal work I would have to put into it to get it safe for floating. So with this concept, we decided to give them loud pain jobs, add some humor to them and point out all the flaws in the coats and just make it a fun experience for our customers.

Enter “Schitty Canoe Company”, we reclaim old boats, give them a slight makeover and provide people with a cool experience while keeping our environment clean and these boats going to the shredder.

Do out boats look pretty, NO, do the leak a little? Of Course. But, will you see a barber pole painted canoe or a unicorn canoe or the Schitty OG stand out in a sea of green, yellow and red rentals? Yes!.

We will also be slowly adding Schwag to our store so you can get your Schitty Shirts, stickers, and hats.

We are Picking up boats every week to start repairing, give personality to and making sure they are ready for the 2020 season. Are you ready to get Schitty?

Schitty Canoe Company is a Show Me SUP Company and to make it simple and easy for everyone wanting to rent a Schitty Canoe we will have direct links to our booking platform so your group can choose a canoe and a SUP board or anything they would like.

Schitty Canoe Co's - Schitthead Crew


TJ Holman - Owner - Big Schitthead

Travis Miller - Polyfiberaluminum & Electrical Engineer - Bearded Schitthead

Travis Miller - Polyfiberaluminum & Electrical Engineer - Bearded Schitthead

Owner and Founder of Show me SUP & Schitty Canoe Company. He enjoys long walks on the gravel bar, Keystone when Rum is not available, and Long paddles with his wife and friends. He is the Schittiest. 


Travis Miller - Polyfiberaluminum & Electrical Engineer - Bearded Schitthead

Travis Miller - Polyfiberaluminum & Electrical Engineer - Bearded Schitthead

Travis Miller - Polyfiberaluminum & Electrical Engineer - Bearded Schitthead

They say Electricity and water don't mix. Never tell that to our resident aquaelectrical engineer. Travis also loves long walks on the gravel bar, spending time with his River Rotissary and most of all his wife. Travis handles all the building of our wierd river ideas and of course Keystone. He also lays host to one of the most perfect beards on earth. 


Shane Perrin - Schitthead of the East

Travis Miller - Polyfiberaluminum & Electrical Engineer - Bearded Schitthead

Shane Perrin - Schitthead of the East

Shane Perrin - Owner of SUP St Louis will handle our St Louis area rentals starting mid "ish" 2020 season. Shane has started a beard, it's pretty cute but with a little time it shall me full and "Riverly" soon. If you can't find Shane in some form of onsie or balancing on a 55 gallon barrel on a paddleboard you will find him helping other become awesome paddlers. Shane is also a devoted father so we kind of understand that he has to "ADULT" sometimes. 

Schitty Disclaimer

What you need to know about a Schitty Canoe

Schitty Canoe Company was founded to fill a need for high requests for canoe rentals at Show Me SUP "Our Twisted Sister". Instead of purchasing thousands of dollars in shiny new boring canoes that don't leak, we decided on a different path. 

Helping the environment

We decided to search out old retired and banged up canoes where outfitters did not want to put anything else into them but we are still able to easily fix them. We have extremely strict criteria when choosing our fleet boats. 

  1. Do the leak? - only a little - Cool
  2. Are the Dented? Yup - Cool
  3. Are they straight - Nope - Cool
  4. Will they still hold beer? - Yup - Cool

It's as simple as that. Yes, they are old boats and even though we float test them and patch most the holes we "MIGHT" see, they are still old boats and they might leak a little. However, you will put more water in the boat with your shoes than the boat will leak. 

Are they dented? well, hell yes they are, thats the point and the reason for "SCHITTY Canoe" but they float straight-ish but keep in mind, rivers ain't straight. 

Most importantly, they hold beer............... or soda. 

We saved these boats from going to shredders and scrap yards or ending up as a flower bed or thrown out on a river bank. Our Fleet still has tons of life left in them, at least a few months................... we meean years. 

The Serious Stuff

Though we poke fun of how we fix, find and talk about our canoes we do provide  high quality gear to get you down the river. We use either custom built Two Beards Paddles "Locally made" or we use Bending Branches paddles. Each boat will come with a USCG Approved life vest for each person. Our available dry bags are sea to summit and sealine which will keep all your gear dry and safe. Our dry boxes by pelican and SKS will keep your phone, wallet and other items perfectly dry. 

The Experience

We want all of our guests and customers to have an above average time on the water. We  want to provide a unique way to paddle our rivers, turn heads and be ready to take lots of photos of you and our boats. Your friends will need pics to believe you. I mean where else are you going to be able to paddle a poop themed boat and a Cake themed boat or even go all  Nickelodeon  in our crazy orange and blue swirly boat.