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Though Schitty Canoe Co pokes and laughs about what we do, we take our customers safety seriously. Our Aluminum boats might leak a little but is not any more than you put in the canoe with wet shoes. We have paddled these boats ourselves with the intent to bust rivets and holes ourselves and each of these boats are safe for floating. 

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We love to paddle lake areas of our local rivers such as Springfield Lake, Finley River Park and more. We also give you the ability to do the famous Shelvin Rock to Hootentown 7 mile float or the lazy Camp Tomahawk to Y bridge 8 mile float. Either way, we will help you set up your daily or overnight float trip. 

Go Away and Get Lost

Have your own trip in mind? Are you wanting to hit that hidden river you love. Want to explore further waters? We offer Take&Play Rentals. Unlike Show Me SUP Paddleboard rentals, you will need a truck or a roof rack or trailer for Schitty Canoe take and play rentals. We will deliver up to 100 miles for a fee. 


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Schitty Canoe Co & Show Me SUP Join together to rescue those canoes tossed to the side and forgotten about. With a low low adoption "Rental" Fee you can enjoy a Schitty Canoe. 

Shut up about the Grammar and Punctuation in the video, I was crying ok ! ! ! 

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